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120tpd groundnut oil production line detailed introduction

July 23 2018 , Written by Lisa Zhang Published on #cooking oil production line, #groundnut oil

120tpd groundnut oil production process plant is devided into groundnut oil preteatment and pressing plant,groundnut oil solvent extraction plant and peanut oil refinery plant.

1. Groundnut oil pretreatment and pressing plant
Groundnut oil pretreatment and pressing plant is the first step in groundnut oil production line. Only when the groundnuts are processed to the appropriate condition can the oil yield of press and extraction be ensured. The following is the introduction of the equipment:


groundnut oil production plant

Machines in groundnut oil pretreatment plant

groundnut oil processing plant

Groundnut oil pre-pressing machine

Technical specification index(based on per ton groundnut feed quantity)

groundnut oil processing machine

The advantages of our groundnut oil pretreatment and pressing machine:
In the groundnut oil pretreatment and pressing plant, our excellent conveyor with high transmission efficiency can be flexible according to the process arrangement. The cleaning  system use the vibrating screen with dust removal web which can reduce the environmental pollution and ensure the health of the operator.

2. Groundnut oil solvent extraction plant
Groundnut oil solvent extraction plant is the second step in groundnut oil production process. Consider the user's requirement, with the recent home and abroad new craft develop direction, and think about long term actual production case, the following equipment are best choice to be used in groundnut oil solvent extraction plant.

groundnut oil solvent extraction machine

The flow chart of groundnut oil solvent extraction plant

Here, I mainly introduce D.T.D.C system. This tower has five layers. The first and second layer is pre-Desolventizer layer, the bottom has indirect steam to heat, the third layer is main Desolventizer layer, and the forth and fifth layer is drying layer.

The advantages of this structure:

  1. Resonable jet steam structure can ensure the steam has low temperature, energy consumption is much lower than before.
  2. Compared to traditional DTDC, our DTDC works in close condition, desolventize  the wet meal high efficiently. And we adopts reasonable direct steam uniform  distribution to ensure lowest solvent residual in meal.
  3. The meal stays same time period in each part of the DCDT. So product quality is  steady.
  4. The evapo-separated machine steam phase temperature can be automaticly adjusted by control the steam consumption.
  5. This DTDC has pre-desolventize layer, which solve the cake dark color problem. Final product cake color is very good and welcomed by clients.

3.Groundnut/peanut oil refinery plant
Groundnut oil refinery plant is the last step in groundnut oil manufacturing process. This process can make the crude groundnut oil become Class 1,2,3,4 groundnut oil.

groundnut oil refining machine

Equipment used in groundnut oil refinery plant

Economic & technical Index of 40TPD groundnut oil refinery plant

( degumming, deacidification, bleaching, deodorization)

groundnut oil refining process

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd can offer the whole groundnut oil processing machine with turnkey service, capacity from 10 to 2000TPD. For some special capacity and requirements, our professional engineers can help you design and install your groundnut oil production plant. Welcom to cotact us! Get free quote on line.

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