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20-50tpd big capacity semi-continuous soybean oil refining machine

July 21 2018 , Written by Lisa Zhang Published on #cooking oil refining line, #soybean oil, #Video

Semi-continuous soybean oil refinery plant

Big capacity soybean oil refining machine refers to semi-continuous or full-continuous soybean oil refining machine, usually with 20-2000tpd capacity. Here we will introduce our 20-50tpd semi-continuous soybean oil refining machine to you.

semi-continuous soybean oil refining machine

Part of machines in 30tpd edible oil refinery plant

There are several methods used in soybean oil refining process, but our machine use physical refining together with chemical refining method, also suitable for peanut/groundnut oil refining, rapeseed oil refining, mustard oil refining, and palm oil refining etc.

Main working processes of 20-50tpd soybean oil refining machine:

semi-continuous soybean oil refinery machine

1.Degumming and deacidification section:

Degumming is using phosphoric acid ,water to react crude oil and then separate phosphatide from oil. But in order to reduce more phosphatide, after enough phosphoric acid treatment, adding alkali inside oil to neutralize free fatty acid , and washing before gum separation , this process is called deacidification.

2.Decoloration section

Decoloration is using clay to bleach oil , in this step, clay will absorb dark colorant of oil .The quantity of clay is depending on the deepness of crude oil. After bleaching , used clay will be screened out by vibrating screen.

3.Deodorization section

This step is to remove some unnecessary odors from crude oil. Normally for chemical oil refining ,it adopts plate deodorizing tower using high temperature steam to remove odors.

Vegetable oil refining losses(per ton of crude soybean oil):
Degumming: quantity of phosphatide *1.4% +impurity%
Decoloring: 0.5%
Deacidifying and Deodorizing loss: AV×0.7%+0.3%

Henan Doing has manufacture vegetable oil refinery machine for more than 40 years, and our soybean oil refining machine has exported to many countries. We have professional engineers who will give you the best suggestions. If you want to know more information about soybean oil refining machine, please feel free to contact us!

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