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Rice bran oil manufacturing plant,rice bran oil extraction machine cost

September 11 2018 , Written by Lisa Zhang Published on #cooking oil production line, #rice bran oil

How to make rice bran oil? Doing Company's rice bran oil maufacturing plant have four main sections: rice bran pretreatment, rice bran oil solvent extraction, rice bran oil refining and rice bran oil dewaxing.

The characteristic of Doing Brand rice bran oil maufacturing plant:

Rice bran oil maufacturing plant can make high efficient expansion for rice bran and be featured by high quality rice bran expansion, low humam and production cost, small footprint, low power consumption and so on.

rice bran oil manufacturing plant

Raw material : rice bran

Processing Capacity: 10-2000T/D

Major equipment: vibrating screen, stoner, magnetic separator, softening machine (conditioner), expansion machine, etc.

Application: High efficiency rice bran expansion, granulation for preparation of rice bran oil extraction.

rice bran oil refining process

Process flow of rice bran oil manufacturing plant introduction:

1. Rice bran was unloaded into workshop manually through artificial screw feeder and then be sent to elevator.

2. The uploaded rice bran goes through rice bran separating screen in order to remove large complexes of rice bran.

3. Clearly cleaned rice bran is sent into quenching pot through elevator conveyor. The quenched rice bran goes into feeding auger after expansion and fall into extruder.

4. After extruding, rice bran expansion materials fall on flat dryer for drying. The dry extruding rice bran is sent to extraction plant by conveyor.

Note: you can watch the rice bran oil extraction process video

We can offer turnkey service for rice bran oil manufacturing plant with general capacity from 10 to 2000TPD and our professional engineers can help you design and install workshop according to your real conditions. If you want to know more about our oil machines, please feel free to contact us.

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